Los Angeles Times, Feb 2, 2013

The exhibition at the UC Riverside ARTSblock explores the work of artists who've set their sights on the final frontier.

It will come as news to many, no doubt, that there is a Warhol on the moon. And a Rauschenberg and an Oldenburg — a whole "Moon Museum," in fact, containing the work of six artists in all, in the form of drawings inscribed on the surface of a ceramic chip roughly the size of a thumbprint.


Tyler stallings

Press Enterprise newspaper, Oct 17, 2013
Gallery director to release book

Stallings is no stranger to the publishing world. Although “Aridtopia” will be the first book for which he is the sole author, he has edited and contributed to what he describes as “a slew of books over the years.” Included among these are “Desmothernismo: Rubén Ortiz Torres,” “Free Enterprise: The Art of Citizen Space Exploration,” “Gabriela León: Sunday Walk to the Zócalo,” “The Signs Pile Up: Paintings by Pedro Álvarez” and “Uncontrollable Bodies: Testimonies of Identity and Culture,” which was his first book, published in 1994 when he was just out of graduate school.